Great Weather and Great Outdoor Water Fun at Lake Havasu

Jet Ski

If you are looking for a great spot for your vacation and you and you enjoy the sun, the water, and the many Watersports found on the lake, then Lake Havasu, Arizona, might be perfect for you. This amazing location offers some of the best conditions for all types of water adventures, such as water skiing, fishing, and ski boat rentals.

This location has amazing weather year round, such as a reported 300 sunny days a year, and there is no shortage of things to do while you are there. If you enjoy fishing, then Lake Havasu is for you, as there are outstanding spots to catch a variety of fish such as Catfish, Trout, both Black and Striped Bass as well as Crappie to name a few. You will easily find a Havasu Boat Rental where you can rent a variety of equipment for the water such as Pontoon Boats that are great for fishing, Jet Ski Rental opportunities, and Ski Boat rentals as well as paddle boats and canoes. You will find the Lake Havasu Boat Rental establishments offer this equipment at an excellent rate, so you can rent them for your entire group if you want and it won’t break the bank. If you have a desire to enjoy some nonstop water fun then you just need to find boat rental location in Lake Havasu that can meet your needs.

For those that want to do some sightseeing there are no shortages of things to see either, such as the world’s largest antique, the 161 year old London Bridge that was brought over by the founder of the city, industrialist Robert P. McCullock Sr., who actually founded Lake Havasu City in the year 1964. It is actually estimated that over one and a half million people come to see this huge granite monolith every year.

If you want to take a break from the great Watersports you can check out the year round events such as sailing and water skiing competitions, as well as the annual national outboard championships that are held there because of the beautiful lake and weather conditions. There are also many other activities you can partake in such as golf, horseback riding and hiking for example, again the weather is always nice so there are many things to do outside.

If you really want a honeymoon to remember then you should really check out this city. With so much to do and see such as all the great water fun, for example, there won’t be enough time to do everything you want and you will want to return as soon as it is possible.