The Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

outdoor activities for health benefitsWe all need a little sun to get our daily dose of healthy Vitamin D. Whether you’re a kid or simply a kid at heart, there are great health benefits of being outdoors.

With today’s fascination with technology, kids and adults alike are spending too much time indoors. This lifestyle often means a lack of movement because we’re either sitting at a computer or lounging on a sofa.

Often, people don’t understand the health risks associated with being inactive for long periods of time.

If you or your child are growing into a couch potato, consider a few of the benefits of getting outside.

Our Bodies Need Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for bone health. It absorbs calcium, which promotes bone growth.

There are several ways to get your daily source of Vitamin D, but the natural way is via the sun.

The benefits of the outdoors, particularly during the summer months, will create an uptick in the hormones your body produces from sun rays.

You’ll Be in a Better Mood

Enjoying the outdoors is a good way to improve your mood. Engaging in outdoor sports gets your blood pumping and increases your energy, which in turn improves your overall outlook.

Sometimes kids don’t understand why they’re feeling down or what to do to relieve stress. It’s important that you find activities that shift their focus away from more structured surroundings, that may feel too restrictive, to activities that help them relax and have fun.

Having the freedom to run free and explore nature will have positive effects on their psychological and emotional wellbeing. It’s also a good way for adults to rid themselves of stress, thus contributing to an overall happier home.

Developing Social Skills

Health benefits of outdoor activities include the promotion of social skills through participation in team activities. These sports can also lead to long-lasting friendships.

Children who’re engaged in sports have a better understanding of their environment. They increase their motor skills while improving in coordination and muscle development.

Studies have shown that girls who participate in sports have a more positive body image and increased self-confidence. They also have proven to be more successful.

Research has shown a strong connection between sports and leadership. This connection applies to both men and women.

You’ll Want to Expand Your Horizons

The more time kids spend playing outside, the more things they’ll want to learn. If you live near the water, swimming and other water sports are also healthy outdoor activities.

There are multiple sports that kids and adults can do on the water. Kayaking, water-skiing, and even parasailing to name a few.

Being on the water is a huge stress-reliever. While you’re strengthening your muscles, you’re also improving your mental health.

Are You Ready to Grab the Kids and Head Outside?

Now that you know it’s not only healthy to be outside but also fun, are you ready to try something new?

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